fulshear ac repair

Local codes for HVAC and plumbing dictate how the primary drain should be installed in your home. To avoid unsightly HVAC pipes running down the side of your house, developers of beautiful Fulshear townhomes sometimes run your HVAC condensation pipes to your bathroom sink. While this method is convenient, it requires more maintenance for your AC system. The bathroom sink tends to clog up more frequently, which can cause your entire AC system to overflow. However, maintenance is straightforward, requiring only a socket screwdriver, a small bucket, and a wet vac. When you remove the black hose from the bathroom plumbing, have a bucket ready to catch all the water about to rush down from the HVAC unit. About a gallon of water could come from your Fulshear and Sugar Land HVAC unit.

When you turn on your air conditioning for heat every winter, your furnace or air handler collects dust. Using a high-quality air conditioning filter can help keep your air conditioner clean. If you notice a smell when you turn on your furnace for heat, there is no need to panic as this is normal, and no emergency AC repair is required.

Most people are unaware that cold HVAC pipe material condenses if your Fulshear attic has a significant temperature difference. The condensation leaving your evaporator coil can be as cold as 40°F, and your attic can be as hot as 140°F. Therefore, insulating all your HVAC pipes in your attic is crucial. It is easy to forget that you can also leak water into your attic from condensation from your PVC pipes. The condensation from your HVAC pipes in your attic can cause water stains on your ceiling and produce mold. The intense heat in your attic causes normal wear and tear on your insulation, which can take up to 18 years to replace. When performing routine maintenance, the AC repair Fulshear technician needs to retape all areas where they flush out your pipes. Improperly taping your PVC pipes after service can also cause leaks around your HVAC equipment. There are different thickness sizes of pipe insulation, and higher-quality insulation is more expensive. However, top-quality insulation lasts longer and will protect your attic better.

Not performing HVAC maintenance can lead to water damage and AC repair. When used correctly, emergency float switches protect your home from water leaks and guard your HVAC equipment against water damage. However, not every Fulshear home has working HVAC safety switches. Severe electrical damage occurs when water comes in contact with your HVAC electrical components. Some HVAC equipment is more at risk than others for condensation damage. Horizontal installed HVAC equipment in the attic is among the highest at risk for AC repair Fulshear water damage. Once the water enters the furnace, it will contact the blower motor’s blade. Blade splashing occurs when moisture comes in contact with the motor’s moving parts, causing water to get on vital electrical components. Once the humidity reaches your main motherboard, it is just a matter of time before you need emergency AC repair. You may have burned out the motor or transformer if you start to smell burning. Keep in mind that simple maintenance can prevent AC repair In Fulshear.